Each Topic Group has their own support web site...

The Topic Groups with active links in this table have been provided with web based resources.

Topic Group Coordinators should email the Secretary General of euRobotics to request that their web resources are opened for use.

Domain TGs  Cross Domain Technology TGs Non-Technical
Agriculture Maintenance and Inspection AI and Cognition Education and Training
Healthcare Marine Robotics  Autonomous Navigation Entreprenureship
Industrial Robotics Aerial Robotics Mechatronics Ethical Legal and Socio-Economic
Logistics and Transport Bio-Inspired Robotics Software Engineering, Systems Integration and Systems Engineering  
Robot Companions for Assisted Living Miniaturised Robots Perception  
Space Robotics Standardisation Socially Intelligent Robotics and Societal Applications  
Construction Wearable Robotics Telerobotics and Teleoperation  
Laboratory Robotics Harsh Environment Robotics    
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