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How to participate in the Miniaturised Robotics activities?

The Miniaturised Robotics topic group provides a framework for encouraging and promoting research in the corresponding areas, and for tracking and disseminating new results.  Its members regularly organize events such as workshops and tutorials, as well as special issues in major scientific journals.
All these activities seek to arouse the interest of other scientific communities, industry, and the public at large.

To join this consortium and participate in its activities, please contact one of the bellow-mentioned coordinators.

Coordinators Coordinators

Prof. Quan Zhou

Research group leader at Robotic Instruments
Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation
School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University
Postal address: P.O.Box 15500, 00076 AALTO, Finland
Visiting address: Maarintie 8, 02150 Espoo, Finland
Telephone: +358 40 855 0311


Dr. Albert Sill

Projektmanager | Project manager
FuE Bereich Gesundheit | R&D Division Health
Automatisierte Nanohandhabung | Automated Nanohandling
D-26121 Oldenburg
Mobile: +49 174 1940408

Introduction Introduction

Topic group "Miniaturised Robotics"

Miniaturised robotics, works on small scale robotic technologies, including robotic systems for manipulating micro- and nanoscale objects, and small-scale robots from millimetres to micrometres and beyond.
The subtopics include:

  • actuation methods;
  • manipulation methods;
  • locomotion methods;
  • automation and control;
  • various measurement and characterization methods.

Different from many other types of robotic systems, miniaturised robotic systems are built upon a wide range of physical interaction principles beyond the normal physical contact methods: magnetic fields, optical fields, acoustic fields, electrical fields, just to name a few. 

The applications of miniaturised robotics cover from industrial applications, e.g. assembly and integration of micro products, characterization of materials and surfaces, to healthcare and biomedicine, e.g. targeted drug delivery and cancer research.

Wiki Display Wiki Display


Roadmap 2030 #

Collection of material for euROBOTICS Roadmap 2030. First rough material to be collected until September 13th. euROBOTICS workshop days expected on September 10th and September 17th.

For more context regarding the process and what kind of input euROBOTICS is seeking, have a look at, especially the slides from the last roadmapping workshop. The way to think about the templates is: describe upcoming and/or challenging Use Cases, connect them with the Challenges that these impose, and describe future Technologies to solve these challenges. You may use wiki links to link those accordingly.

Use Cases #

Use Case Template

  1. In vitro microrobots for healthcare
  2. Material Characterization
  3. Microassembly
  4. Microsurgery
  5. Nanoassembly
  6. Classifying Insect Biodiversity (cross TG with Lab Robotics)

Challenges #

Challenge Template

  1. Autonomy of mobile micro agents
  2. Control of massive amount of micro agents
  3. Dexterity in manipulation of small objects
  4. Measurement and perception in miniaturized robotics

Technologies #

Technology Template

  1. to be developed
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