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The coordinators of this Topic Group are:

Ulrich Seldeslachts, LSEC - Leaders In Security ;

Endika Gil Uriarte, Alias Robotics

Bernhard Dieber, Joanneum Research

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Introduction Introduction

Welcome to the the CyberSecurity TG.

This topics group (TG) will focus on CyberSecurity (CS) use cases, challenges and technologies from a holistic, continuous, systemic and risk oriented perspective. The TG will try liaise with other TG-groups to discuss overlapping and cross border topics, and try to align on their specific topics; while within the CS TG focus on core CyberSecurity topics. 

While there might be a natural focus on Industrial Robots, it is our intention to provide a horizontal approach to CyberSecurity, which might be similar to Safety and Security, but is different in its approach, challenges and technological approaches. We will also consider robotics from other domains such as Health, Home appliances, Automotive, Maintenance, Security, ... 

We aim to focus on CS topics which are not trivial. Some approaches will be linked on developments related such as ICS, IoT, Cloud / Edge, crypto, connectivity, device, application security. Some of the existing works will be referenced to provide insights to other participants. The focus of this TG is try to move beyond these and focus on specific robotic challenges that differentiate this domain from others. Examples are : crypto for real-time communication protocols, Security Bill of Materials for Robotics, tamper-resistant Robotic sensors, adversarial AI attack detection for autonomous systems, ... 

CyberSecurity is a complex combination of security for connectivity, access, identity, authentication, authorization, crypto, embedded security, network and endpoint detection, security intelligence and vulnerability management; that needs to consider its operational, environmental and business impact. CyberSecurity for Robotics requires dedicated interest and attention, in order to guarantee safe and secure, but also cybersecure operations. 

Please contact the Members of this TG, the contributors or the chair to suggestion to expand the topic, or consider cooperation with other TGs.


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