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Which Challenge is in your opinion the most important that the TG should focus on describing in the Roadmap?

Coordinators Coordinators

The last TG elections were last held on Jan 31st, 2022. 

Coordinator and Deputy are now:

Magnus Albert (SICK)

Daniela Cancila (CEA)


Join the Topic Group Join the Topic Group

To join the Topic Group:

  1. Go to SPARC Main in the menu above
  2. Go to My Topic Groups and follow the instructions.
  3. Subscribe to the mailing list (tg-safety@eu-robotics.net).

This will take less than a minute to complete and you will then have access to the SPARC support site and receive TG-related updates via e-mail.  

You do not have the roles required to access this portlet.
You do not have the roles required to access this portlet.

Topic Group Introduction Topic Group Introduction

Welcome to the Topic Group "Safety" focusing on the safety of robotic systems!

This TG was initiated at the ERF 2020 in Malaga and is currently seeking support from euRobotics members to gain full rights as a Topic Group.

You can download the information letter and template for Letter of Support here.

The driving force behind this TG is that safety is at the heart of all robotics applications. As robotic systems begin to act more autonomously in unstructured environments, the complexity of these applications is growing and imposes novel challenges for safety. Tackling these will require novel approaches and methods of safety engineering and risk management.

The Topic Group “Safety” represents the core of expertise in the field of Safety within robotics and contributes to the success of the European robotics community by promoting and addressing safety-related topics to facilitate market success of novel robotics applications and technologies.



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