Coordinators Coordinators

The coordinators of this euRobotics topic group on inspection and maintenance are:

Aksel A. Transeth, SINTEF

Ekkehard Zwicker, Waygate Technologies 


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Introduction Introduction

Welcome to the euRobotics topic group on Inspection and Maintenance (I&M)


Inspection and maintenance (I&M) robotics encompasses a large variety of different robots and vehicles under water, on water, on land, in the air and in space within several market domains (oil and gas, water and waste, transportation, energy generation and distribution, and more). Robotics for I&M in these domains are slowly, but surely starting to become common practise to improve Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) aspects, increase uptime of industry assets and reduce costs. 

The goal and scope of the I&M topic group is to influence and to drive the research, development and operative deployment of robotics in the domain of maintenance and inspection by connecting the stakeholders from research and industry.

Want to stay updated on developments and have the possiblity to influcence the direction of I&M robotics? Then join the topic group - see instructions on the "Join the topic group" item on this page.

[15Mar2023] The TG organizes a workshop at ERF2023 titled "I&M robotics in day-2-day operations — Learning across industries".

[27-28Sep2022] The TG coordinators summarize input from the TG members and organizes this according to the topics and formats of the TG Summit hosted online by euRobotics during 27-28 September 2022. The TG participates actively on the summit.   

[28Jun2022] The TG organizes a I&M workshop on ERF 2022 on the topic of going from "one-off" test deployments to I&M robotics in continuous operations.   

[15Dec2021] The TG coordinators summarize the input from the TG community into major themes in I&M robotics and submit to euRobotics in connection with an ongoing Roadmapping activity in euRobotics.

[27Oct2021] The TG participates actively and the coordinators presents at the euRobotics TG summit. 

[14Apr2021] The TG is active in the RIMA network. The presentations from the RIMA network success stories workshop at the ERF 2021, as well as other RIMA-related presentations are available in this folder.

[13Apr2021] The TG contributes to organizing a workshop on inspection and maintenance robotics at the 2021 European Robotics Forum. The available presentations from the workshop can be found in this folder. Up to 120 people stopped by the workshop. 

[10Sept/17Sept2020] The TG participates on euRobotics roadmapping meetings and presents aggreated use cases and challenges within I&M robotics. 

[14Sept2020] The TG submits input to a 10-pager from euRobotics in connection with the new Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA 3.0) to be published by the European Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics (link to partnership and previous SRIDA).

[3Sept2020] Online workshop hosted by the TG to inform about euRobotics' roadmapping process and to gather input on use cases and challenges within I&M robotics. 

[Aug2020] euRobotics is developing a strategic roadmap on robotics. Our TG is tasked to provid input on relevant use cases and challenges within I&M robotics to the roadmap work. Please register with the topic group to stay connected and give input.


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