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The coordinators of this Topic Group are:

Jan Veneman

Jose Luis Pons

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For the time being, this topic group is closely connected to COST Action CA16116 on Wearable Robots. (COST: European Collaboriation in Science and Technology)

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After the end of this COST Action the plan is to partly continue the network as Topic Group within euRobotics.


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Introduction Introduction

Welcome to the Topic Group Wearable Robotics

This Topic Group within euRobotics concerns "Wearable Robots for Augmentation, Assistance or Substitution of Human Motor Functions"

Wearable Robots (WRs) is an emerging field of personal devices that are integrated parts of human functioning, and that are constructed of typical robotic components such as actuators, sensors and control algorithms. Where conventional robots were typically intended for use in industrial environments to help in tedious and repetitive tasks and tasks requiring high precision, the situation is currently evolving to one where there is an increasing direct physical interaction between robot and human operator. The interaction with humans in WRs is not only physical, but also includes cognitive aspects, as in the interaction, control of functions is typically shared by human and machine. WRs can be used either to augment, train or supplement motor functions or to replace them completely. Wearable Robots operate alongside human limbs, as is the case in orthotic robots for rehabilation purposes, exoskeletons or robotic suits. WRs are expected to find applications in Medical, Industrial and Consumer Domains, such as neuro-rehabilitation, worker support, or general augmentation. As WRs continuously interact with humans in multiple situations, Human Robot Interaction, Ergonomics, and Ethical, Legal and Societal (ELS) considerations, as well as early involvement of stakeholders are of essential interest. This Topic Group focuses on the European integration of different underlying disciplines in science and engineering, as well as on engaging of stakeholders to improve WR technology and its societal impact.

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