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Architecture personal statement


Writing a personal statement as a part of college application means that one has to thoroughly consider and answer some important questions. The most important questions an applicant must ask himself are why he wants to study in that particular field, and what are his skills, interests and experiences that make him a good candidate. An architecture personal statement should be written in a essay form and it should explain why one have code for 5% discount selected architecture, which particular field interests him and what are the qualities he possesses and which will make him a good architecture student. It is important to make the personal statement interesting and to sieze reader´s attention from the first paragraph.

That is why it is mandatory to write a quality introduction, as it will make the reader want to carry on reading. Quotations are welcome, but the academic body that is reviewing the paper has probably already seen most of them. If one decides to begin with a quote, he should explain why he chose that particular qoute and why the quote is relevant to him. When sharing educational experience, the candidate should emphasise the subjects relevent to academic editing architecture and design in general or to some of its specific fields. When describing work experience, it is important to emphasise the experience acquired working in a field relevant to architecture, for example apprenticeship programs or special projects involving architecture. If a candidate received a formal certification as a designer or draftsman, he should put it down as design skills and creativity are very keen.

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