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Everything You Need to Know About Scheduling an Immigration Medical Exam

Planning to immigrate to Canada? If so, you'll need to pass an immigration medical exam before you're allowed to move here permanently. This medical exam consists of several steps, so make sure you have everything together before you try to book your appointment! Here's everything you need to know about scheduling your immigration medical exam in Canada and what to expect once you get there.


Gather Documents For IME Toronto

In order to schedule a medical exam for Canada, you must first gather all of the documentation you will need for the appointment. These documents may include a passport, driver's license, birth certificate, or naturalization certificate. The panel physician will also ask for your medical records from previous exams and treatments ime Toronto. To prepare, have a list of doctors that you've seen in the last year with their contact information ready to go. If you are currently taking any medications, be sure to bring those as well. Allergies are also necessary to mention at this time. Your doctor should be able to provide these records if not.


Decide on your Program

If you are applying for a study permit or permanent residence, there is a panel physician that you need to see. The panel physician brampton will give you the medical exam results so that they can be included in your application package. The panel physician will also provide the immigration officer with all of the necessary medical information about you before they approve your application.

Panel physician charge by appointment and not by service, so be sure to ask about what the cost of your appointment might be before booking one. In many cases, the panel physician's fee is covered by provincial healthcare plans (as long as you have health insurance), but if this isn't the case then be prepared to pay out-of-pocket. Once you've chosen a date and time for your appointment, make sure to let them know whether or not you require interpreters at any point during your visit as this may affect when they can schedule you. Remember: only request interpreters if they're necessary!


Book Your Appointment

The third step is to book your appointment. There are two options: ime Toronto or panel physician Toronto. The first choice, ime Toronto, refers to the Independent Medical Examination (IME) doctor that Citizenship and Immigration Canada has contracted with for visa medicals. The second option, panel physician Toronto, is a private-practice doctor who you can schedule an appointment with yourself. It will be up to you to contact them directly in order to set up your appointment time. If this sounds like something you want more information about, please read our blog post about booking a medical exam in Toronto at Panel Physician Toronto!



Do you need a chest X-ray? Some doctors may ask for this in order to assess your risk of heart disease. If so, you'll want to wear a tight-fitting shirt, such as a t-shirt or tank top, and take off any bulky clothing such as a sweater or vest. If you're scheduled for your exam in the morning, make sure not to eat anything after midnight the night before. Bring medication with you if you are taking any prescription drugs. Wear loose-fitting clothes and bring a list of all the medications that you are currently taking, including over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen.


Obtain Medical Insurance

Obtaining medical insurance is a crucial step in the immigration process. In order for your exam results to be valid, you need coverage from a medical insurance provider. If you do not have coverage, there are companies that can provide temporary coverage. Remember, if you don't have coverage and fail your exam, it will be more difficult or impossible for you to enter Canada in the future.


Get Support From Home

If you're feeling a little bit scared and unsure, it's important that you remember that your loved ones are there for you. They're rooting for you to succeed and they want the best for your future. We hope this guide has helped clarify some of the steps. If you still have questions or concerns about the complete immigration medical centre, don't hesitate to reach out!


What to Expect During your Exam

During the exam, you will be asked a number of questions about your health, past, and present. These may include:
-Do you have any allergies? -Do you have any skin conditions? -What medications are you taking currently or in the past? -Do you smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs? -Are there other diseases in your family? -Do you have chest pain or shortness of breath? -Have you had any recent injuries or surgeries?


After the Exams are Done

The final step is the result of the exams. The doctor will give you a call with your results and if it's negative, they will send your file back to CIC. If it's positive, they'll give you instructions on where to get treatment for HIV.

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