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9 Biggest Mistakes Cuban Women Make When Dating

When it comes to dating, Cuban men easily get turned off and there are some things that we, Cuban women, do to contribute to it. Here are 9 mistakes you might be making:

1. Texting and calling before he gets a chance to text or call YOU

If a man says: ‘I’ll call you at 9:30′ and you call him before then, well, he wasn’t expecting your call and now…he feels like you’re intruding on his time. It’s almost as bad as stopping by his house – unannounced. In the early stages of dating you almost need an invitation. Otherwise he interprets this as: DESPERATE. You become less attractive every time you do this and eventually…he’ll stop calling.

2. Asking where the relationship stands
Men HATE being asked this question. They feel under pressure and immediately want to run. Men don’t like to be cornered into making a decision before they’re ready… and the more you ask, the further you’ll push him away.

3. Pointing out other women
Why open a man’s eyes to other Cuban women? If you plant the seed, the tree WILL grow.  You don’t want that.

4. Asking for feedback
How do I look? Do you like my dress? Do I look fat? You shouldn’t need a man to make you feel better about yourself. He’s dating YOU to find out what’s so special about you. If you haven’t quite convinced yourself that you’re special, how can you possibly convince him?

5. Criticizing him
The worst thing you can do is criticize a man. About anything…the way he drives, what he’s wearing, the type of music he’s into, because he’ll quickly get defensive and turned off and you’ll have a hard time recovering.

6. Giving him advice
Cuban men don’t want help unless they ask for it. That’s the bottom line. He feels mothered and the last thing he wants is…another mother.

7. Getting intimidated by other Cuban women

If you let other Cuban women intimidate you or get to you, he’ll think you have jealousy issues. Not to mention you’ll get dumped into the ‘CRAZY’ category.

8. Changing who you are to PLEASE him
This is the kiss of death. See he THINKS he wants you to be this other woman, wear this color hair, stop hanging out with these friends, stop acting that way…except the moment you DO become this woman, he’s no longer interested. It was too easy to mold you… which suggests you have no backbone, and despite what he says… a man NEEDS a woman with a backbone.

9. Becoming… HIM
Sure it’s nice to learn about the things a Cuban man enjoys doing but it doesn’t mean you have to buy every shirt of his favorite sports team, watch every sporting event he’s into and follow every game so you can quote stats. It comes across desperate and not to mention NEEDY. It suggests you’re so desperate for his affections, you’re willing to BECOME him. And does this guy really want to date himself? Probably not.

Happy Dating! Let’s date smarter!

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