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5 Easy Ways to Get Out of the Single Slump

Being single can be a rather stressful and anxiety-causing time in life. You feel like you’re getting older and life is just passing you by. Your friends are getting married and having kids and you…well, are still busy figuring out whether you’re having water or milk to wash down that TV dinner.

We’ve ALL been there and I promise, dear friend, you will bounce back!

So what do I ?

For starters do not use this time to brood over your situation, get angry with yourself, and run around bed-hopping. It’s not healthy and certainly not fair to YOU.

Instead, use this time WISELY… to educate yourself, improve your appearance, and gain the confidence to stand on your own two feet. That’s what you want!

Here are 5 tips to help you get out of the single slump:

1. Pick up some Motivational Self-help Books

No, it doesn’t make you a loser. The goal is to do everything in your power to seek strength from within so that you’re not desperately seeking strength from a partner (you don’t need a crutch). There are some AMAZING books out there that will make you see ‘YOU’ and ‘YOU-in-relationships’ in a whole different light. These instructional books will help you figure out where you go wrong in relationships and how you can improve and become a better YOU. Trust me, they work! You’ll feel enlightened, in control, and prepared to blow off anyone that doesn’t meet your standards.

No one needs to know. Download books to your kindle and make it your little secret !

2. Talk to Mom

We often go to our friends and neglect the one person that can probably provide the MOST comfort and best advice….Mom! (That’s if u have a good relationship with Mom of course). Somehow, mothers just GET IT and they have a way of magically nursing us back to health. (It’s what they’re built to do).  Not to mention they can easily provide the nurturing we lack which can keep us from running into the arms of some random (read: wrong) partner. (No!)

3. Surround Yourself with Other…SINGLES

You can’t hang with married folk when you’re single because eventually …you’ll want to hang yourself. Couples (especially couples with kids) make you feel lousy when you’re single…You don’t need that. You need a support group that knows what you’re growing through !

4. Take Salsa Lessons

There’s ‘emotion in motion’ as they say and there’s something about Spanish dancing that makes you feel seductive and attractive. AND… you get paired up with other singles so you have the opportunity to… mingle ! Not to mention, being able to dance is an extremely attractive trait so you’re boosting your sex appeal.

5. Go Speed Dating!

For a dirt cheap price you get to go on a bunch of quick dates… commitment free! It doesn’t get better than that. Check out Loveawake for a Cuban speeddating event near you !

Do you have any other suggestions for singles? Leave a comment below…

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