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How To Fix SBCGlobal Email Not Working On Outlook?

SBCGlobal comes with a myriad of features and is known for providing exceptional email services from the very beginning. This is the reason instead of various other email domains, millions of users across the globe rely on SBCGlobal email services.


Most people use it through Outlook for better mail management. However, many users have recently complained that their SBCGlobal is not working with Outlook, and they are facing SBCGlobal Email Login Problems and hence are unable to send and receive emails. This issue is quite annoying as an email service is of no use if you are unable to send and receive emails.


If you are struggling with the same issue, don’t worry, as we’ve today come out with this guide to help you resolve the issue. So keep on reading this guide till the end.


Steps to Set Up SBCGlobal Account in Outlook


The issue of SBCGlobal email not working on Outlookmost of the time, occurs because of the improper configuration of SBCGlobal email in Outlook. Therefore, we’ve mentioned below the correct steps to set up SBCGlobal on Outlook.


  1. Open Outlook>File Add Account>Manual Setup or Additional Server Types>POP or IMAP.


  1. Now, add your credentials and select the account type.


  1. If you have chosen the IMAP Account type, then enter in the incoming mail server, and for outgoing, you need to enter


  1. For POP3, enter in the incoming mail server, and for outgoing, you need to enter


  1. Now type your email address and a security password. Make sure to check the option of remembering passwords and required logon using secure password authentication.


Your SBCGlobal account has been set up successfully on Outlook. Check if the issue has been resolved.

That’s all about how you can fix SBCGlobal not working in Outlook with the proper configuration steps. We hope you find this guide helpful.

Author - Maria Hayden

Maria Hayden has more than nine years of IT expertise. He has been awarded numerous awards from various institutions and forums. His passion for helping people via his expertise has made him share his experience with readers via Blogs and articles.

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