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Introduction Introduction

Welcome to the analytical laboratory robotics TG

The laboratory plays a central role in the development of new products, ensuring our safety and understanding our world - from the diagnosis of disease and the creation of new treatments in the life sciences, to the phscial sciences and the devellopment of new materials and environmental testing of our air, soil water and food.

The lab was an early adoptor of robotic technology and has sophisticated tools for handling liquids, precisely and reliably, and one where European companies are world leaders. However most processes in the laboratory still include manual steps, which results in errors and delays.

The lab is becoming increasingly digital, especially with the rise of genomic analysis. There are many discussions around lab 4.0, the lab of the future and the smart lab,  and some emerging technologies for inter-operability such as SiLA (standards in lab automation).

The TG works to build a link between lab users, suppliers of laboratory technology an the research community to harness advances to the make the lab a more producting, safe and rewarding environment.

We organise workshops at ELRIG, ERF and interact with the various communities via trade shows.

Contact us for more details.




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