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How to write a good suspense - 4 tips to get the reader's attention

How to write a good suspense is the subject that we will discuss in this post. Who doesn't like a good suspense? This is certainly one of the most important elements of all narratives. An article was provided by pay for essay. Although it already exists as a genre of its own, let's find out why suspense is necessary for the smooth running of any self-respecting story.

To be able to write a good suspense, first of all, we must understand how the suspense presents itself in the narratives. We will then make available 4 golden tips for exploring this resource, using classic examples like Little Red Riding Hood and Psychosis .

How does suspense appear in the narratives?

Consider, for example, love stories: they only work as long as there is the suspense to know whether the protagonist couple will be together or not at the end. Even a joke requires a certain amount of suspense: we follow the comic narrative in growing expectation, in the suspense of discovering where the unexpected outcome that causes laughter will come from.

Suspense is present even in our oral language. Observe the next time someone close to you will tell you about a case that happened to them: most people just can't resist adding a touch of suspense to their oral narratives, postponing the end of the story in order to prolong the attention span. of the listeners.

Just by these examples, you can see how suspense is an essential ingredient in the art of storytelling. For this reason, we present below four tips so that you, who want to write a good suspense, can explore this feature well in your texts, also learning to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Little Red Riding Hood effect example

One of the best known children's stories is that of Little Red Riding Hood. We know that this story made and is very successful among children, what perhaps has not been so obvious until now is how much of the success of Little Red Riding Hood is due precisely to the suspense. To understand how to build a good suspense, see, for example, the excerpt below that constitutes the climax of the story:

If you have ever read "Little Red Riding Hood" to a child, you know that in nine out of ten cases, he will ask the story to be read again as soon as it comes to an end. Part of this incredible fascination exerted on children's minds is due, precisely, to the suspense contained in the narrative.

Here we have the suspense in its classic format: the reader or viewer has privileged information, which the protagonist does not have. We know that it is the Wolf disguised as Grandma who waits wrapped in the covers. However, Little Red Riding Hood knows nothing and advances innocently into danger. So, if you want to master the art of writing good suspense, remember a key factor: emotional tension. Writing a good suspence may be a difficult task for people who cant deal with their english homework. Using assignment service can provide you unique papers within yourdeadlines. Such tension is caused by the anticipation of the moment of the revelation. She is responsible for the suspense factor that keeps us glued to the story, even though she knows what will happen next. 

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