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How to write an essay about yourself

How to write an essay about yourself

Writing about yourself is a great occasion to reflect on timeless topics. Who am I? What kind of person am I? That I love? What do I dislike? What do I want to become in the future? Everyone has their answers. Learning to think, analyze, know yourself, formulate and express thoughts on paper is very useful.

Writing has a truly therapeutic effect.

So that the story does not turn into a flight of absurd thoughts, adhere to certain recommendations. Let's figure out how to write the best essay about yourself and write my essay.

Writing tips

For example, you were assigned to write an essay about yourself at school. Follow the rules. Write them down in a notebook and strictly follow the recommendations.

  1. Stick to a consistent outline. If you are talking about family relationships, memories from childhood, do not weave career successes into the canvas of the story and vice versa.

  2. Telling yourself about yourself should be logical. Check it for spelling, speech, punctuation errors. Even writing an essay about yourself for an insignificant reason does not eliminate the need to follow the rules of the Russian language.

  3. To keep the essay coherent, stick to the mainline throughout the story. It can be your personal quality, hobby, peculiarities of relationships with relatives, interesting life experiences, worldview.

  4. Don't make the story too dry. Use figurative and expressive means of language (vivid epithets, metaphors, comparisons), trying not to be limited to strict facts.

  5. Bring a touch of humor to the text - this technique will help grab the reader's attention.

  6. The essay should fully disclose your identity. Do not turn the text into a listing of your own merits. Talk about flaws, but so that they do not seem to be gross flaws, but only transient imperfections that you are working hard to correct and write essay for me.

  7. There must be intrigued in the text. In the introduction, interest the reader, for example, by the fact that you have an unusual hobby. But do not immediately lay out everything as if in the spirit. Throughout the story, refer to examples from personal experience, outline the formation of your character, and only in the end, reveal the whole idea and write my essay for me.

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